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Club Sailboat Racing

OIYC has a very active racing schedule. Our season kicks off in April with "tune-up" racing on Wednesdays in West Sound plus our Spring Regatta. Club racing on West Sound begins on Wednesday evenings at 6PM from May through August, plus casual fun racing on Fridays at 6PM. Starting in September, racing switches to Sunday afternoons at 2PM.

If you're new to the club or visiting, West Sound is a special place to race. With its protected waters, which are out of the main flow of heavy currents and a good chance of usable wind even during the summer months, West Sound is a fun place to sail and still gives a little advantage to the old-timers who know its shifty ways.

OIYC has long been known for a strong one-design racing program with one of the early Soling fleets. Today, the fleet is dominated with Martin 242 and J/70 one-design classes, which also race against several other PHRF boats.

The early races of the season can be lightly attended, but by July and August around 20 boats are often seen out racing. After the racing is over, a good time can be found at the OIYC picnic shelter, where racers gather to grill their dinner, drink their beer and talk about the rules of racing, which clearly the other skippers don't have a clue about.

OIYC is also host to several races and regattas, including the Shaw Island Winter Classic in February, the Spring Regatta in April, Round Orcas in June, Benson Cup in October, and the big finale of the season, the Round the County Race.

Congratulations to Ken Machtley

OIYC sailor of the year for 2023

Upcoming Racing Events


Frostbite Regatta
Friday, January 17-28, 2024
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The Shaw Island Winter Classic
Shaw Island on Facebook Saturday, February 10, 2024
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Spring Regatta
ESSR Cup on Facebook April 13-14, 2024
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Round Orcas
   Round Orcas on Facebook Saturday, June 22 2024
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Tasar Orcas Open
   Saturday, June 29th & 30th 2024
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Benson Cup
   Benson Cup on Facebook Saturday, October 5, 2024
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Round the County
RTC on Facebook November 10-12, 2023
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